Monday, September 29, 2008

101 Things About Me

  1. I'm originally from NY and proud of it.
  2. No, I'm not a Yankees fan. Mets all the way!
  3. I am a total pizza snob. I firmly believe that NY has the best pizza. Argue with me all you want, I will not change my mind.
  4. My birthday is in August, and I like to celebrate it for the entire month.
  5. I've worn glasses/contacts for as long as I can remember. My vision is awful.
  6. I have never dyed my hair.
  7. My senior year of college, I donated 8 inches of hair to Locks of Love. I'm hoping to do the same after our wedding in November. Until then, I'm growing it out.
  8. I have one tattoo, and I'm ready for my next one.
  9. I love to cook. I'm always ready to whip up a meal for friends. Doesn't matter how much notice I have.
  10. I was resisting joining Twitter for a while. Now that I have, I can't stop tweeting.
  11. I work at a college. As I was once told, "you went to college and never left". Pretty much.
  12. In college I studied abroad for the summer in Italy.
  13. Rome was my favorite city.
  14. My niece/goddaughter Abigail is the most amazing tiny person in the world.
  15. The meerkat is my favorite animal.
  16. I'm slightly obsessed with IKEA. Where else can you get $1 fro yo, a couch, and swedish meatballs all in one place?
  17. My favorite Halloween costume ever was a Snow White dress that my grandma sewed for me by hand. For years it remained my favorite dress up outfit after Halloween was over.
  18. Orange is my favorite color.
  19. Recently I discovered that fresh cherries are pretty much my favorite.
  20. I believe that sundresses should be worn year-round. If only New England winters weren't so awful.
  21. My biggest vice is watching horrible judge TV shows. I'll take any of them.
  22. I hate vacuuming with a passion. I'll take washing dishes over vacuuming any day.
  23. I really like to read. Books, magazines, online, wherever.
  24. When I first got my own apartment, I got a rubber ducky shower curtain. I still love it and have it up.
  25. I'm a total geek. Love Star Wars and almost any comic book related movie.
  26. I play video games.
  27. I've read all the Harry Potter books.
  28. And all the Twilight books.
  29. I love my Macbook.
  30. And my iPhone.
  31. My favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor is Half Baked.
  32. Kitchen gadgets make me happy.
  33. I own a ridiculous amount of hooded sweatshirts. I can't help it. Sometimes you just need to feel snuggly.
  34. I still sleep with a teddy bear I got when I was four years old.
  35. Jim Gaffigan is my favorite stand up comedian.
  36. Scarves are my favorite winter accessory.
  37. The perfume I wear is called Falling in Love by Philosophy.
  38. My Sweet 16 party was a luau theme.
  39. Picture frames are my shopping downfall. No matter how many I have, I always seem to find the perfect one.
  40. I love Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.
  41. When I can answer a question on Jeopardy, it's really exciting for me.
  42. I could drink orange juice with any food.
  43. The next Broadway show I want to see is Avenue Q.
  44. Gerbera daisies are my favorite flowers.
  45. I started sewing a few months ago. I haven't stopped since.
  46. I met my now fiance over two years ago at a Piano Bar. (ok, we had met before then, but we consider it our first "date".)
  47. Our second date was at the aquarium.
  48. My sister and I sometimes have conversations entirely in Will Ferrell movie quotes.
  49. I have a hard time doing nothing. Even if I'm watching a movie or tv, I usually need to be doing something else at the same time.
  50. I'm currently taking a picture every day for my Project 365 album. I started January 1 and will end December 31.
  51. If everyone took a nap each day, I believe the world would be a better place.
  52. My engagement ring has 13 diamonds in it (along the sides + 1 in the middle). Everyone asks me if there is a significance to this number. There isn't, I just liked the design.
  53. My favorite beer is Blue Moon, with an orange slice.
  54. I love, love, love throw blankets. I own way too many of them.
  55. I miss my best friend, who is in the Air Force, like crazy. And I worry about him all the time.
  56. In Philly, my favorite cheesesteak place is actually right outside the city at a place called Dellasandro's.
  57. On my 19th birthday I met John Mayer at one of his concerts. He gave me a guitar pick that he signed which says "Happy Bday <3>
  58. Pickles are an amazing food.
  59. I check my email way too much. Doesn't help that I can check it on my phone.
  60. I have amazing friends.
  61. In our bedroom we have a print of the painting Flaming June by Frederic Leighton. It's a woman in a long, flowy, orange dress asleep. I wish it were me looking so peaceful in that painting.
  62. I went swimming in a waterfall in Puerto Rico in a rainforest.
  63. I want to see Coldplay in concert again. They were amazing.
  64. My grandparents have been married for 57 years. I hope I'm lucky enough to have such a long and loving marriage.
  65. I always have a hair tie around my wrist. Just in case.
  66. I prefer wearing dresses or skirts over shorts in the summer.
  67. The only thing I've ever won was a drawing contest for the Long Island Railroad in 8th grade. I won a free trip for my art class to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  68. My grandma makes the best ice cream cones in the world.
  69. I usually prefer to give myself pedicures instead of going out to get one.
  70. Totally love a good steak, some potatoes, and a beer.
  71. My mom and dad are my heroes.
  72. Peanut butter on apple slices is a great snack. Especially in the middle of the day at work. It just makes me feel better.
  73. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a ring from Tiffany's that I bought for myself. Besides liking the way it looks, I'm pretty sure I love it because it was a gift from me.
  74. Hockey was my favorite sport until about 5 years ago. Now it's up there with baseball. Still love some good hockey fights though.
  75. I prefer white wine over red wine.
  76. I have 7 earrings in my ear (4 in one, 3 in the other).
  77. My sister Melissa nicknamed me Starfish.
  78. I have two sisters are my dad's name is Charlie. Obviously, we are Charlie's Angels.
  79. I (almost) always refuse to eat jarred pasta sauce. I much prefer to make my own.
  80. I'm starting to really like having time to myself. I find it wonderful to be independent and on my own.
  81. I really want a dog. We can't have one in this apartment, but Dane and I always visit the pet store at the mall and talk about what kind of dog we'll get and what we'll name it once we can have one.
  82. Chai tea is always delicious.
  83. Sometimes my eyes change color to a greenish, hazel color. Most of the time they are brown though.
  84. I'm very sarcastic.
  85. When I get something on a really good sale, I'm usually just as excited, if not more, about the sale than I am about the item.
  86. I gave up soda about 3 years ago. I cheat every once in a while. Usually when Dr. Pepper is involved.
  87. To me, flowers always make a room look prettier.
  88. When I put on a pair of amazing heels, I always feel better.
  89. I think I spend a lot of time trying to please other people. I realize it, but can't help it.
  90. I love Disney movies. Favorite animated classics include: Robin Hood, and Sleeping Beauty.
  91. I have a horrible singing voice. This doesn't seem to stop me from singing, usually in the car by myself.
  92. People tell me that I'm creative. I wish I was more creative.
  93. Fraggle Rock was one of my favorite shows as a kid.
  94. I'll be going to Ireland for my honeymoon with my soon to be hubby to visit my family. I've never met them and cannot wait!
  95. My first car was a 1989 Ford Bronco. The Beast. Everything was wrong with it, but I still loved it.
  96. I had an irrational fear of E.T. until I was 17. After watching it, I now love it and don't understand why I was so scared of it for so long.
  97. I've never had a real massage. I would love to have a spa day and be pampered someday.
  98. I feel like whenever I look at a new bag or accessory I immediately try to figure out how I could make it myself.
  99. I really want to see a moose in Vermont.
  100. I was a dancer for 13 years. I miss it.
  101. I'm shocked I actually came up with 100 interesting (well, at least to me) things about myself!


JP said...

Wow! I'm certainly impressed with this list!

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