Monday, August 31, 2009

Things you shouldn't say to a stranger

Ever since Dane and I got engaged, some people have taken it upon themselves to ask about personal things as though it's no biggie. Most of the time it isn't, to be honest. But really, if I meet you randomly on the street, chances are I'm not ready to share my inner most thoughts and beliefs. (Disclaimer: I realize I have a blog, and this basically means other people who I don't know or don't know well get to read about my life. But, it's what I put out there, and they aren't asking these things of me. Plus, I love my blogger homies.)

So for example, this past weekend we went to the mall. We just can't help ourselves, so we headed to the pet store. I saw the cutest cockapoo puppy. He was white and I couldn't help but want to play with him because I had the most loyal and lovable cockapoo growing up. We go to the little area where you can play with the puppies, and this woman in the little play area next to us looks over and says "Oh, this is the perfect practice for kids!" and before she leaves says "Good luck you two!" and winks at us. OK, so first, BARF. Secondly, I don't know you and you probably shouldn't assume my future goals. What if Dane was my brother and not my fiance? (Ew, that's gross. I'm kind of sorry I even thought of that.) What if I hate children? What if I was born without an ovary or something?

I'm not saying I never want children. I totally want a kid that I can laugh with like this one:

I can't watch that without cracking up. His laugh is AMAZING. In fact I'm going to watch it again right now....

OK, back. Next question I constantly get is: "Are you going to take his name?". I don't mind talking about this, but it's really a personal decision (in case you were wondering, I'm hyphenating, which means I'm going to have the longest last name ever). But if I don't know you I don't want to talk about the reasons for taking your husband's last name. You aren't going to change my mind. Leave us alone.

My sister told me about all the questions she got while she was pregnant. She pretty much had a script in her head that went like this: "I'm _______ months along. June 10. It's a girl. I haven't picked a name yet. My first. Yes, I'm excited." I didn't realize how annoying that must have been, but now I'm starting to get it. Granted no one has tried to grab my stomach yet. She was a serious trooper.

I vow not to ask uncomfortably personal questions of those whom I barely know, or don't know at all. Unless I've had a martini, or two. But then you can ask me one back. Promise.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cranky today

This is not going to be a happy post. Just some warning.

Last night while parallel parking, I got into an accident. I put my blinker on, pulled up to the car in front of the spot, checked my mirror to make sure I had room. I saw a car behind me, stopped and waiting for me to back into the spot. I started backing in, car behind me decided to go around me. No problem, I probably would have done the same, there was a whole left lane with plenty of room to get around my car with no problems. But no, this car is half in the right lane, half in the left lane which means while I'm sticking out diagonally into the street the side of their car scrapes down the front corner of my car. Luckily no damage to my car (other than what was already there, I've had it for 5 years). I ask the other driver if everyone in the car is ok, she says yes they are, but their car had a scrape down the side of their car where it impacted mine.

We exchange information. I'm told that the daughter of the other driver has called the police who have told her they won't come out to do a report unless someone has been hurt. Now if any of you know me, you would know that I've watched enough People's Court and Judge Judy to last me many lifetimes. This does not sound right to me, pretty sure the police will always come out to do a report. I go to ring the bell at Becca's apartment so she can come down to keep me company, when the daughter and driver come back over to me, now claiming that someone in the car who is 5 months pregnant is having stomach pains. I tell them, well now the police will have to come out and call them myself. The police come, take the girl away in an ambulance. I speak to an officer and tell him what happened. He tells me after hearing both stories he's finding the other drive at fault and issues her a citation. Just a warning, but lucky for me this means I can't be sued or found at fault for the accident. During this time Becca has brought me cookies. Thank god for that. While I'm waiting for the police officer to fill out the report I eat my cookies.

I have never been in any kind of accident before. I couldn't sleep last night because I just kept replaying this over and over in my head, even though I know it's over, I'm fine, my car is fine, and I'm not responsible. Now my throat hurts, I'm exhausted, and all I want to do is sleep.

At least it's Friday. I'm thinking I might need to just hibernate tonight to prepare for Nantucket tomorrow. And thinking good thoughts so Danny doesn't mess up those plans.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My mom says OMG

I love my mom a ton. I get my weird sense of humor from her, my love of all things nerdy, my need to constantly be in motion and never relax. So some of those things are better than others, but still, my mom and I have some crazy similarities. Oh, and we both love Blue Moon.

There are also ways that we are in no way alike. Like how she can watch Jurassic Park 3 over and over, and the way I'm a shopaholic when she waits for things to go on sale.

For my birthday, my mom bought me this dress. She saw it and decided it was "so Kristen". I have to say, she was right. I love this dress and wore it yesterday on my birthday. Mom was all nervous it wouldn't fit, and I told her when I wore it I'd send her a picture. So I did. And this is the email that I got back.

"OMG! You look amazing. That dress is so you...Who's your favorite Mom? Love you."

She's obviously my favorite mom. I'm just wondering where she learned OMG from. Gotta love how your mom always thinks you're the most beautiful, talented person on earth.

At least she hasn't figured out how to text message yet.

Love you mom!

*Update* I've been asked to show the dress in question. So here it is! And when I asked her if she learned OMG from Hannah Montana, her response was "No I learned it from Janice on Friends, it's the only abbreviation I know." Have to love her.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Can't we all just get along?

I witnessed something at Stop and Shop that blew my mind yesterday. Two grown men, screaming at each other in the checkout line. Why, you ask? I don't actually know, but the argument went a little something like this.

Guy 1: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Guy 2: What's your problem man?

1: Oh don't even get me started.

2: Don't get ME started!

1: You've been getting close to me, back off.

2: You didn't even give me a chance to put my stuff down!

1: Oh don't get me started!

2: Don't get YOU started? You don't even want to see ME get started!

1: How do you expect me to check out?

2: You left me NO room for my stuff!



Then Dane made me stop staring and we left. I honestly cannot believe that two grown men got that upset with each other that they felt the need to scream at the top of their lungs in the checkout line in the grocery store, seemingly over the placement of their groceries on the conveyor belt. Apparently they are not aware that there are these amazing little inventions that are placed at every checkout line I have ever been in. They do an amazing job of separating groceries and they're just little plastic bars. The use of this little device could have saved a ton of trouble.

Really, people? Let's just be nice to each other. Ok?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Is chivalry dead?

Last night Dane and I went to Medival Manor here in Boston with our friends. Overall, it was a really fun night. The drinks were flowing, the show was funny, and we had fabulous company.

But the fun started before we even got inside.

On our way in, I parked the car, got out with Dane, started walking down the street. Then I stopped, pulled out my phone and called Sam and Jason to give them a heads up there was free street parking so they didn't park in the lot and pay $10. This guy comes RUNNING, like as fast as a person can go, LEAPS over a puddle, and almost runs into me. I took a step back because I saw his trajectory and knew I was going to get in the middle of it if I wasn't fast enough. So after his jump, he slows down, then backs up. Then he looks at me, while I'm on the phone, and says "I'm sorry, ok?" and I said, "Don't worry about it. I'm fine". Then he says, well yells really, "I LOVE PEOPLE, OK?". Now I'm seeing the irony in that statement. Dane stands between the two of us because he's a protective fiance and doesn't want this people loving man to try and love me. So then, here's the best part, as a sign of his apologies he decides that he's going to play the air guitar for me. Like full on, rocking out on the sidewalk, complete with sound effects, playing the air guitar. He does this for about a minute, then says bye and walks away in his black satin vest.

OK, so that was fun. We get to Medieval Manor, and I never did get a hold of Sam on the phone. She pulls in, and I see her and hop in the car with her to show her where there's parking around the corner. We find a spot, get out of the car, cross the street, and run into.... you guessed it! Black satin vest people loving man! This time he says "You ladies are beautiful." And we look at each other and tell her I have a fun story about this guy (who has obtained a blue shirt which he's now wearing over his satin vest sometime in the five minutes between our encounters). Then he says, "I want to be with you. I want to sleep with you both." Wonderful. And he continues yelling after us as we cross the street and find our friends again.

The rest of the night was fabulous, complete with me having an audience with the king, and Jason being ridiculed the entire night, doing the I'm a little teapot dance on stage, and this crazy drunk girl Katie who was celebrating her birthday and was a little insane. All in all, I'd say a wonderful evening.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm a geek

Found this amazing tutorial. Definitely making these into fridge magnets. I know Dane will approve, one of the perks of us both being total and complete nerds that love sci-fi.

Monday, August 17, 2009

This past weekend Dane and I headed down to PA for the wedding of Leilani and Kevin, two of his college friends from Penn State. We set out after work on Thursday and didn't get to his parents' house until late. I slept until about 11am the next morning. I must have needed it.

On our way to the church, I got a phone call from another one of our friends, Sandie. She and Derek got married back in May and she's a wedding coordinator. She was the day-of coordinator for the happy couple and had a small problem that she needed help with. There were double doors that had to be opened for the bride to walk down the aisle. But, there was only one of her and two doors. Of course I would help. When we got there, I found out that there were a grand total of 54 people that would be walking down the aisle and went into event planning mode, fixing the flower girl baskets, handing out bouquets, keeping the ring bearers from losing their pillows. And of course, opening the doors for the beautiful bride to make her entrance. We had a great time with all the fun Penn Staters at the reception. A few highlights:

We're next in line for our wedding in November!

With Dane's two Best Men. I'm so short compared to them.

The three men getting married this year. Married, married, and ma - oh wait, not yet!

The wedding coordinator and apprentice. Best sychonized door opening, ever.

The next day I went out for a day of shopping with Dane's mom and grandma. They gave me a $50 gift card and took me to a fabric store. Do these women know me, or what? After spending about an hour there getting fabric, we went to a fried chicken place called Speck's. I've been there once before, and let me tell you, it's amazing. Sometimes you just need some amazing fried chicken and mac and cheese. Mmmm.

This lovely establishment was right next door. When we left lunch, Dane's grandmother said "Oh, hmm. What do you think the fleshlight is? We should go check it out." Which lead to Dane's mom and I laughing hysterically. For the record, she was kidding, but it was so funny hearing her say it.

Then Sunday we ventured to NY for the day and spent it with my family. We went in the pool, had a barebeque and spent time with my niece. Look how cute she is! As soon as she got to the house, my sister put her down and she ran over to give me a hug with a big smile on her face. This totally made my day. While she was hugging me she was patting my back, which was adorable because that's what my sister does when she hugs Abby. We spent the day swimming and having fun.

Now back to work on this sweltering Monday. This past weekend has me so excited for our wedding in November. I'm even more motivated to think about all the finishing touches and details. And having the time off to go to Ireland isn't too bad either. So excited !

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There are no words...

... for hamster on a piano. Enjoy my loves.

Customized tote? Yes, please!

A few weeks ago when I met the girls from We Are Not Martha, we got to talking about doing a giveaway on their blog. They liked the Kindred Spirits idea, and our items. And we love them and their blog. Match made in heaven!

So, we now bring you the We Are Kindred Spirits giveaway hosted by We Are Not Martha! Head over to, take a look at the lovely post about us and enter to win in the comments section. The winner gets a custom tote bag made by me! What more could you ask for?


Monday, August 10, 2009

GAP Jeans Party!

Who's life is this anyway? As if the Nintendo party wasn't awesome enough, this past Thursday I was invited to Gap jeans party with some fellow bloggers and new friends. The party featured the new line of 1969 jeans that the Gap is rolling out.

I was greeted by the lovely hostess, then ushered into the living room to see the choices. I tried on the Real Straight fit first, and lo and behold, it was perfect! The jeans are a little long, but that's because I'm really short. I'll be able to hem them with no problem. I have to say these are some of the most comfortable jeans I own. They are soft and after a few hours I felt like they were fitting themselves to me.

At the end of the night, there were a pair left in my size, and since no one else wanted them our hostess insisted I take them. Seriously, not only one pair of jeans, but two!

p.s. this photo makes me look ginormous.

And really, the food. Amazing. I have no idea what kind of dips they made, but they were delish. Definitely going to need the recipe.

Thank you for having me and for all the great stuff!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Does it get more exciting than this?

I'm in LOVE with the Vintage Pearl. For our two year anniversary Dane bought me a necklace with both our names on it. It's absolutely beautiful and so different.

Erin (the wonderful maker of this jewelry) does giveaways all the time, and I always enter them. But yesterday I WON! I had to read the post about 3 times to make sure that was actually my comment. Maybe there was another Kristen that left the exact same comment as me. But no, it was me, and I get that beautiful necklace! So excited.

I definitely recommend that you go visit her new website. It's beautiful and her work is amazing!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another reason I love my job

One of my students drew me a picture of my perfect cupcake AND colored
it in. Then he sent it to work with his roommate who works in our
office. I love it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Why I love my job

We had a few students who are still on campus leave us a note on our
board today. Guess which one of the 3 is me? Give up? I'm the bride.

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