Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kitten vs. Fan

I don't know why I find this so funny, but I can't stop laughing. I feel like this is something Sam and Jason's cats would do.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Apartment!

Here are a few pics of the new place. Don't mind the boxes and things everywhere. We're still getting things into place and working late every night last week and over the weekend didn't really give me much time to settle in. I made curtains with the help of Sam and Emily on Sunday, so the bedroom looks a little different now. Luckily I only have to work late Thursday this week, so we should have some time to unpack a bit more and start to decorate!

This is obviously the kitchen, well half of it.

This is the other half, with our new favorite addition Arvid. We got that table thing from IKEA and it's name is Arvid which we thought was cute so we just keep calling it that.

This is the refrigerator room. The fridge needs it's own little space.

Now for the living room. Look at that TV! There will eventually be a shelf over it, once we get a drill.

Bathroom and my ducky shower curtain. I love it.

Our room. There's now curtains up and everything!
The guest room/Penn State room. Dane has a TON of Penn State stuff, so we made a whole room of it. It looks very collegiate, which I like.

And this is my craft room. This space will be dedicated to scrapbooking, sewing, collaging and other fun things :)

We both love it. As it comes along I'll post some new pictures!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marathon Monday (and weekend!)

This weekend Dane and I moved into our new apartment with the help of some friends (Sam, Jason and Ellen). We absolutely love it! On Saturday we got a U-Haul and moved all of our big furniture in. We had done a few smaller trips during the week to bring some of my stuff over.

Now comes the story of the couch. First Jason and Dane tried to get the couch up the front stairs.

They quickly realized that was not going to work, and on the advice of our upstairs neighbor decided to try the back stairs because it was a little wider.
Ellen had to help because she's stronger than Sam and I. We're all discussing how to turn the couch at this point.
Getting there now! We got it around the first turn. Now they asked me to sit at the bottom of the couch and push up on it.
As you can see, I was very helpful.
With everyone's help, we finally got it up the stairs and into our apartment.

On Sunday we all went to IKEA! We had so much fun and were there for almost 5 hours. We got a coffee table, TV stand, kitchen cart thingy, end tables for the bedroom, and some fun decorations (picture frames, a mirror, etc.). I also bought fabric so that I can make curtains for us. I've never made curtains before, but I feel like I can totally do it. Sam is going to help me, so between the two of us I think we'll figure it out.

On Sunday night Sam, Jason, Ellen, Emily and Ben came over for Swedish meatballs and helped put together some furniture. I made dinner on the condition that Jason make some brownies for dessert. I helped him out, and he did a great job. Then Nino joined us, stayed over for the marathon on Monday!

We woke up at 4:30am and got to our post for volunteering at 5:15am on Monday morning. We're veterans now, since we did this same job last year. We got everything we needed and picked lane 6 to be our station. For about two hours we loaded all the marathon runners onto buses. I met some people from Germany who asked to take a picture with me and then told me "You will be famous!". By around 8am we were done, and exhausted.
We went home, ate breakfast, and made the decision to take Nino to the Sam Adams Brewery. Here's Nino and Dane smelling a Sam Adams Utopia Bottle.

We had a really long, but really fun weekend! Now we're working on getting the apartment together and unpacking all the little boxes that are still left. I'll post pictures soon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today at work..

One of the students I work with came to me with the idea of having blood drive. For dogs.

I have to say, I love when students are creative and think outside the box about events. But I also just don't know where they come up with this stuff sometimes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Abby is walking!

I finally got my camera! Now you can all see how cute Abby is.

She's such a big girl! Look at her go! She kind of just runs at me full speed, but I can't believe she's walking!

Here she is with her mom. Little hesitant, but then she takes off.

This is her trying to say "deck". My mom showed her the deck outside and told Abby how it is her favorite place. My mom really loves to be outside on the deck when it's nice out.

And last but not least, my mom has told me that she likes to chew on our Save the Date magnets. They're pretty AND delicious, who knew?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still no camera...

I'm really sad because I'm still without my camera! I left it at home last weekend. My mom called me to let me know it was sent out and should be there in a day or two. So I waited and finally UPS came... but I missed it. So I signed the slip and left it so that they could leave me package for me. I finally got home and it was there! I ran inside and opened it to find that my mom sent me my sister's camera. I had my sister Jenna's camera in Massachusetts while they have mine in NY. Then I mailed my sister's camera back, and I've been told mine should be here any day now. I don't know what to do without it! I've had Dane's camera for my Project 365 for the past week.

Now I've decided I want to get a camcorder. I really don't want a videographer at the wedding because I usually find them to be super obnoxious and in the way. But, I would like to have some of our friends and family be able to wish us luck or do something silly that we can look back on later. Then we can use it throughout the planning process, at the engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal, wedding, and honeymoon in Ireland. I just don't know the first thing about camcorders. I've used the mini DV ones, but are those becoming outdated? Does anyone know? I don't need anything too fancy, just something that will get the job done.

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