Thursday, February 25, 2010

International Crush Day

Somehow I missed this last week (probably because I've been neglecting this blog like a horrible person and instead eating and writing about it elsewhere). It was International Crush Day! Everyone has a crush (or ten), and this post is dedicated to all the bloggers I admire.

First and foremost, my kindred spirit and best friend Sam, who I obviously adore and have a girl crush on. She's the most kind, thoughtful, and creative person I know. She can talk me into anything (literally anything) because her excitement is contagious. I'm going to snuggle with her so hard when I see her in 15 days (!) in Disney.

Then there's the dear Lilu, who I love even more right now because she's working on a redesign of my foodie blog. I love my little slice of the interwebs all about delicious food, and I can't think of a better person to make it look as fabulous as I feel about it. Plus she's freaking hysterical and is from MA. Can't get much better.

I have a personal favorite, and virtual crush, on Restaurant Refugee. Any man that can describe a love for cufflinks and cigars the way he can obviously brings to mind images of time gone by. And he knows food. It's what he does. Tremendous amount of respect for that. Plus, the stories of his worst clients make my jaw drop.

I could certainly go on with my list of bloggers that I love, but that list would probably be a mile long. Instead, I'll stop here and ask for your suggestions. What are your favorites? What blog out there have I been missing?

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