Tuesday, March 10, 2009

True or False

It is acceptable for a woman to wear sweatpants out in public.

Melissa Lulay raises this important question. I say yes, but depending on where she's going. Grocery shopping came up and I would say it's definitely ok for going to the supermarket, especially in my neighborhood. But there's disagreement. I'm curious as to other opinions here. What do you think?


Snoop said...

It would depend on how much junk is in the trunk.

Samantha said...

I say they are ok as long as they don't have holes. Eww.

Allison said...

LOVE sweatpants, definitly ok for the supermarket!

Anonymous said...

True for sure. Let people (not just women) wear what they want. I go to the supermarket in my PJs (which have froggies all over them). I love flying in sweat pants, it makes the sleeping on the airplane much more comfortable.

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