Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still no camera...

I'm really sad because I'm still without my camera! I left it at home last weekend. My mom called me to let me know it was sent out and should be there in a day or two. So I waited and finally UPS came... but I missed it. So I signed the slip and left it so that they could leave me package for me. I finally got home and it was there! I ran inside and opened it to find that my mom sent me my sister's camera. I had my sister Jenna's camera in Massachusetts while they have mine in NY. Then I mailed my sister's camera back, and I've been told mine should be here any day now. I don't know what to do without it! I've had Dane's camera for my Project 365 for the past week.

Now I've decided I want to get a camcorder. I really don't want a videographer at the wedding because I usually find them to be super obnoxious and in the way. But, I would like to have some of our friends and family be able to wish us luck or do something silly that we can look back on later. Then we can use it throughout the planning process, at the engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal, wedding, and honeymoon in Ireland. I just don't know the first thing about camcorders. I've used the mini DV ones, but are those becoming outdated? Does anyone know? I don't need anything too fancy, just something that will get the job done.


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