Sunday, November 1, 2009


The wedding is coming up quickly! I could not be more excited. Almost all of our larger things are taken care of (caterer, florist, cake, dresses, tuxes, favors, photographer, DJ) so now it's down to little details. I'm making my sisters' gifts, finalizing programs, and getting favors together. Mom is in NY working on the centerpieces because she's awesome. We just finished the seating arrangements and will probably spend the day running errands.

I actually feel like we have this totally under control. The whole process has been really smooth and not stressful at all. I can't even count how many times I've been asked about the wedding. "Oh wow, it's coming up! You must be stressing out!" or "Have you started to freak out yet?". Not sure what experiences these people had with wedding planning, but this has not been difficult for us. Dane has been wonderful, so I'm not doing it alone. It probably helps that event planning is part of my everyday job, so I had a good feel for how to go about things.

If nothing else I've realized the wedding industry is crazy! There's so much pressure on brides to make everything "perfect". This is "your big day" and you'll never be able to do it again. I hate being told that this is my day and that the groom doesn't matter. Without my groom, there would be no wedding! I certainly think that counts for something. We've taken this on together from the beginning, which has made it fun to decide how to make this wedding our own.

Now that being said, I have had some weird dreams lately about the wedding, and last night Dane even had one. In every dream, something goes wildly wrong. Is this just stress manifesting itself in an unconscious way? Or is this my overactive imagination? Not sure, but here's some of the dreams so far...

I'm running errands the day of the wedding. It's early in the day. Suddenly it's 3:30 PM and the wedding is supposed to start at 4PM. I am not changed, my hair is not done, and am scrambling to make it all work. I end up late to the wedding. Dane is freaking out because he thought I wasn't going to come. Then I wake up.

I'm with my sisters and my mom. We've missed our hair appointments. It's 3PM when we get there and they are closing. Luckily my stylist is nice enough to stay and do my hair, but it's rushed and not at all what it's supposed to be. Then I wake up.

We are at the reception site the day before the wedding. We've brought over our favors and centerpieces, and are setting things up. The site was not our actual reception site, but in my dream it was. People start arriving. I'm confused because it's the day before the wedding and no one is supposed to come until the following afternoon. In the room where we are setting up there are now about 50 of our family members trying to help, but getting in the way, knocking things over and being loud. I run out of the room looking for Charlie (our catering manager) and beg him to make everyone leave. Thankfully he does, and start setting up again. Then I wake up.

Dane's dream: He's getting ready for the wedding with his two best men. After getting dressed and ready in their tuxes, the two best men start playing with eggs. They are throwing them around and catching them. Dane asks them to stop because he doesn't want to get egg on his tux. Then one of his friends throws an egg to him unexpectedly and he gets egg all over his tux. (During this one, he was actually talking in his sleep, and he said loudly "Oh my god!", which woke me up).

If this is the worst that will happen leading up to the wedding, then it's just fine with me. Things will get busy as we get closer, and especially over the next few weeks with everything going on for me at work and personally. I know there will be stress. It seems like an inescapable fact. But, I have an amazing future hubby to keep me calm and a wonderful supportive family and family-to-be to keep me centered.

Has anything like this happened to anyone else?


Julie Q said...

AHH! Yes, this is perfectly normal :) I forget what exactly I dreamed about- but basically it had to do with me not being ready, etc. It also didn't help that I was falling asleep to 'Whose wedding is it anyways' which partly effected what i dreamed about :)

Susan said...

I feel like a lot of people are having dreams about their weddings, I'm not quite there yet.

I like your outlook on planning "your perfect day." The wedding industry is crazy and at the end of the day, it will be a day you won't forget, no matter how perfect everything is.

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