Sunday, February 8, 2009


I cannot stop watching this show! Emily and I have been watching a few episodes a day. Being home all weekend definitely helped me catch up. We're up to episode 10 in season 2.

My thoughts so far:

I do not like Anna Lucia or Kate, they just annoy me.

Charlie is the cutest, even though he's a heroin addict.

I wish John Locke would teach me how to track things.

I think that the show is better off without Shannon. Although I'm sad that Sayid will be sad.

Mr. Eko is the definition of awesome.

Rose and Bernard make me cry. They are wonderful.

At first Sawyer's accent annoyed me, now I find it strangely attractive.

Now what on earth is the deal with the polar bear? And the whispers in the wind? And why is Walt always soaking wet when people see him? I feel like nothing on this show is filler, you have to pay attention to every single detail because you never know when it will come up again. I LOVE IT!!!


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