Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update: Yes, there are no bananas today

Some super sleuth work by Ellen Humphrey has yielded some interesting information about my previous post. Apparently, there is a song from a 1922 Broadway revue called "Yes! We Have No Bananas". Here's the Wiki on it.

I still have some observations. This was put up on a wall at Haymarket, so I'm wondering if someone was being clever when they came to Haymarket to buy some bananas only to find they were out. There's also still the issue of the mispelling of bananas. At least I know we were right in our assumption that the writer meant bananas instead of bannas. I really wonder who wrote this.


Anthony said...

Ellen you have way to much time on your hands if you figured that out!!

Snoop said...

This is the first sentence of an email one of the partner's sent out on Friday: "Hi everyone – YES there are no bananas (or in this case a Leap Day) this year!!!"

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