Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silly Question

It's been a few months now since the wedding. When we first got back, the question was always "How was the wedding?!" or "Did you love Ireland?!". The answers are "Amazing" and "We LOVE Ireland". Now? The question we get most often is "So, how's married life?".

I've probably asked this question to others before, but now hearing it all the time I feel like it's a really silly question. What is someone really supposed to say to that question? Married life has been great, but not really any different than what it was before. This made me think, what actually has changed?

The answer, not much. We still live together. Still have the same jobs. Still live in the same place. Still love each other just as much. We just get to say "This is my husband... " or "Have you met my wife....?".

So really, what's different? I thought about it and figured it out. Now we have nicer things. We're young professionals, and we haven't gone crazy on buying fancy kitchen appliances, or even matching silverware. The wedding changed all that. All we had to do was create a registry and suddenly we have more plates, glassware, napkins, and martini glasses than two people can handle.

There's the answer. How's married life? Well, now we have nice things. And each other :)


Samantha said...

That's exactly perfect! :-)

I usually just say "it's great, thanks!"

Or, if you really want the people to leave you alone (you know, forever) you can say something like "It's great, but if he forgets to put the cap back on the toothpaste one more time I think I may commit murder." And then laugh awkwardly/menacingly and walk away. Haha! That'll get rid of them and make them stop with the questions!

C-bart said...

Great post!

I agree it's a silly question. Most of my friends say the same thing you did. But for me, being able to say "my husband" and knowing that we have a forever commitment that the world understands and respects makes "married life" very different than "living with my boyfriend". I feel like our love has grown even stronger since we shared our vows and have filed taxes jointly.

I love being married.

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