Monday, January 4, 2010

Wedding Recap

I was so busy with reflecting on the year that I realized I never actually got around to posting pictures from our wedding in November. We had such a great time planning the wedding and the day of the big event was wonderful. We're so grateful to everyone that was able to make it and spend the day celebrating with us!

Our photographer was amazing and sent me 2 DVD's with 1,200 photos on them. I'm just going to pick a few that are my favorites to share.

This totally looks like a magazine ad to me. Let's just put the name of whatever hairspray that is and put this in print. I'll happily accept any payment for the use of my image.

Yup, I wore my Sam Adams jacket while getting ready. Because I take pride in my beer.

Our photographer took my shoes and bouquet and ran off for a little while. This was what she was doing. There's a ton of different angles and combinations of things. I love that she got the little details of the day.

The Gallo girls are FIERCE. Eat your heart out Tyra.

It's official! The new Mr. and Mrs.!

Our pastor had the best idea. He got married about a year ago to his wife, who is from Estonia. When they went back to Estonia for a ceremony there, part of the tradition was to have a picture with everyone outside the church after the ceremony. He suggested this to us and we loved the idea. There's no other time that you get everybody in one shot. Our original plan was to do it outside, but with the sun setting earlier in late November we opted to move it inside just in case it got too dark outside. I love this picture!

We had the best bridal party ever. I had both my sisters as maids of honor. Really, there was no way to choose one of them. I'm too close with them both to pick one over the other. So we made our own rules and I had two maids of honor, while Dane chose two best men. His two friends from Penn State completed the bridal party. We had a blast with this group.

Our first dance, after much debate, was "Better Together" by Jack Johnson. We both love the song, and it's a little more upbeat than other songs. It was perfect for us.

It was really important to us that our guest have a great time. Judging by this picture I would say that they did! I love that our friends from all different parts of our lives got to come together.

I think this was us dancing to "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. When it came on Dane asked me to dance even though everyone had already sat down to dinner. We were the only ones on the floor and it was perfect.

There are so many more, but I won't go crazy here. We really got to enjoy the whole day and it was exactly what we wanted.

Now if I just had another occasion to wear my dress again...

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