Thursday, December 11, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

It's December 11th and that means it's officially two weeks until Christmas. How crazy is that!? I'm doing fairly well on my Christmas shopping, but still at a loss for a few people on my list. Dad, Jenna, Melissa, Grandma, and Dane are checked off. Mom, Grandpa, and Abigail are still unfinished. Maybe if I didn't buy a million presents for Abby and then give them to Jenna every month I would have something left to get for her. I just can't help myself.

We decorated our tree this past weekend. It came out really nice! We also got fun sticky gel things for the windows with snowflakes and snowmen. My favorite part of the night was when Ben saw blue police lights outside our apartment, not uncommon in our neighborhood. But like a little kid he went over to the window and said "Wow... look at the lights guys". It was pretty amazing. If it hadn't been someone likely getting arrested, the lights might have been pretty.

I spent part of the morning making a Christmas playlist on If you haven't used the website before, I suggest you should. Make your own playlists and listen to other's playlists. If you want to listen to mine, go here: You can see my Christmas playlist and play it if you sign up for a free account. I'm getting into the holiday cheer.

We're doing a Secret Santa exchange with some of Dane's friends from Pennsylvania. Jayneel organized it using the website Elfster. It lets people RSVP online for the exchange then randomly draws names for everyone. I'm not telling who my Secret Santee is, but I did get a weird anonymous question from my Secret Santa. You can use the site to ask your person questions, to get a better idea of what to get them. Here's the question I got:
Do you like midgets? How about carney folk?? You are so going to love the petting zoo . . . .
Creepy... I'm racking my brain for who this could possibly be. I have a few ideas. Secret Santa, if you're out there, just go to my Amazon wishlist. I don't want circus folk, but there's plenty of ideas on there.

Sunday we're going to Jeremy's for a cookie baking extravaganza. I am so excited to make my thumbprint cookies and cream cheese cookies. They are amazing. I'll post some pictures after they are done!

In closing, I will share a text message conversation I had with my sister right before I went to be last night:

Melissa: I like 2 smile, smilings my favorite.
Me. Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?
Melissa: U sit on a throne of lies.
Me: Congratulations! The world's best cup of coffee! Great job everybody!
Melissa: He's an angry elf.

And we could have gone on forever. Elf is just an awesome movie :)


Samantha said...

I would love to add to your conversation:

Sam: Francisco? That's fun to say!

And also..

Sam: You're face is so pretty, it should be on a Christmas card!

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