Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wedding Plans!

While Dane and I were in NY we found the venue for our reception! We'll be having the reception at the Island Hills Country Club in Sayville, NY. The space is lovely, the event manager we met with was wonderful, and the menu sounds delicious. They are so flexible about everything. We can change the menu to whatever we want, set up the day before, decide how we want the room set up, and pretty much do whatever we want to make it how we want it. This might sound obvious. Of course you want those things in a venue, but so far this was the only place that actually asked what WE wanted. Every place seemed to have a standard package, and you take it or leave it. This place gets to be our place. We found our church too, and are just waiting for our ceremony to be approved by the board of elders. I've been assured by the Pastor that everything looks great, so it's just a matter of when the board of elders meets this month. I'm so excited to get things finalized! Now I can start my hunt for the perfect dress.

I looked at tuxes today with my groom and his best men. I had to veto a hot pink vest and tie combination, but I think they'll get over it. They also want fedoras to wear at the reception. We'll see if they actually still want that when it gets closer.

My sister got me a great book for Christmas too, Bridal Bargains. It has so many ways to save money and tips on doing things yourself. I think it's inspired me to want to design all our flowers for the wedding. I just keep adding things to my list of stuff I want to make myself. Now I have invitations, centerpieces, favors, bouquets, boutonnières, place cards, programs for the ceremony, table name cards, kissing menus, and there's probably more I'm forgetting. I'll have to see if it's reasonable to get all this done. I just like doing things myself. Crafts are fun :)

We're so happy to feel like things are falling into place. Now to look for a DJ and all that other fun stuff!


Samantha said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Phew... two big things you can cross off your list! If you need crafty help, you know where I am. :-) Hey, what's a "kissing menu?" (PS - I feel like I'm stalking your blog today... hee hee)

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