Friday, December 5, 2008

Wish List VETO

Every year as soon as the turkey has been eaten on Thanksgiving, I can count on my mom to ask me for a list of things I would like for Christmas. Last year, to make it easy, I made an Amazon wish list. My parents loved it. All they had to do was click and order and Amazon usually has free shipping on orders over $25. This year I did the same thing. As soon as we were done with dinner, my mom asked for my list, so I told her she could look at my wish list. She was happy to hear it.

But then I get a call from her the other day. She has vetoed my wish list. The things I asked for were not exciting enough for her and she didn't want to get them for me. How do you veto someone else's wishlist?! I guess I can kind of see what she means. I did ask for paper for scrapbooking and though that's exciting for me, my mom didn't think getting me paper for Christmas was good enough. I updated my list, Mom, if you're reading this. Hopefully there's some more fun stuff on there this time around. Love you :)


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