Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Craft Time with Melissa

I keep forgetting to post this, so here it is. When I was home in NY over Christmas my sister informed me she's working on this project (and by working I mean that she had all of the materials sitting in the kitchen for about 3 months and she hadn't touched it yet). I thought it sounded cool, so we got to work and got it done in a few hours.

My neighbor has a sort of business, where she makes containers for weddings and bridal showers for people to put cards in. Anyone that's been to a wedding probably knows the traditional bird cage that people put cards in on the gift table. Well, she makes ones that look like wedding cakes and they are available to rent at a local florist. She offered my sister a chance to make one. This sounded like fun to me, so we dove in.

1. Cut a hole in the top "cake layer" for cards to fit through. Cut a hole in each of the bottom layers (you can have as many as you want) so that cards can fall through to the bottom.

2. Cover all layers in batting, including the box covers. The cover to the top layer should be covered separately, so that the cards can be retrieved from the container after the event is over.

3. Depending on what fabric you use, cover the boxes in a white or off white layer. You can also use the fabric as a cape and sing.

4. Next, choose the fabric you will use for the cake, and cover each layer. Remember, the cover of the top layer should be covered separately.

Side Note: Around now we realized we had a hot glue gun. This was a huge relief because we had been working with fabric glue, which worked great, but got ours hands covered.

5. Attach the layers, and viola! A fake cake to put cards in. We didn't quite finish. There will be silver ribbon around the bottom of each layer and a few other flourishes before it's complete, but the hard part is over!

I will definitely be making one of these for my wedding in our colors. It's fun and different than the traditional bird cage. Enjoy!


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