Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Cold Outside!

It has been SO cold here the past few days, and it's supposed to get worse over the next few. This is pretty much all you hear about on the news, and this morning I learned about how quickly you can get frostbite if you go out in the cold with any part of your skin exposed. This really freaked me out. Apparently it takes 5 minutes of less for frostbite to set in if the windchill is between 0 and -15 degrees. If it's lower than -15 degrees it can take less than a minute. Now I'm pretty much convinced that everyone is going to be frostbitten.

Dane and I are going south this weekend (to NY) where it probably will not be any warmer than it is here. We get to show my family our reception site on Saturday, and maybe the girls will even go dress shopping. We'll see!


Samantha said...

We are heading north to Vermont where it's MUCH colder than it is here... why do people live in this area of the world anyway? I know, no hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, earthquakes... blah blah blah. Still, if you ask me, frostbite in under a minute should be way up there with landslides on my "things I never want to encounter" list!

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