Monday, May 18, 2009

I made something AGAIN!

So after the success of my first tote bag, I decided to make another for my mom. She may have hinted that she wants one. I knew that would happen so I already bought fabric for her bag weeks ago. I worked on it this weekend and finally finished last night. This time I added a pocket on the front and longer straps. I also put the fabric at the bottom and the whale at the top for my Mama Bear.

Hanging out on my chair in my craft room. I had to just sit back and admire it once I finished.

The whole bag. It's the same size as the one I made for Melissa.

The little whale. Emily drew it and I cut it out of fabric. My mom will probably name it Scylla, because when we were little we adopted a whale for her and it's name was Scylla.

Look at the pocket! My mom usually carries a ton of stuff around, so I figured she's probably want an extra pocket on the front of the bag. There aren't any pockets inside. I haven't quite figured out how to make that happen yet.

Next up is a bag for Jenna. I think I'm going to use the pretty pink fabric I got at IKEA. She likes pink and I haven't figured out what else to do with that fabric yet.


Allison said...

Holy cow! Quit your job! Sell these bags!!!! I think you should move on to little girl dresses, Abby would look adorable in this fabric!

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