Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mom and Dad come to Boston

Last weekend my parents came up to visit and to meet Dane's parents for the first time. We had a great weekend together. Here are some highlights.

First thing dad had to do was get some clams from Haymarket. I think he's been dreaming of this for weeks now.

Then we went down by the water before getting some cannolis in the North End. So delicious.

For anyone that doesn't know, my mom is a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. Her patients are usually 75 years old and above. We passed by this sign in the North End and she was really excited. She just had to have a picture with it.

After walking around all morning on Saturday we went to the Wake Up the Earth Festival in JP right near our apartment. We were joined by Sam and Jason. Sam and I got some fried dough. It was SO good. Here we are about to enjoy our yummy treat.

Mom and I enjoyed some time just hanging out and listening to the music with Mia. Mia was so excited to see everyone and be outside on the grass.

After the festival, we all went back to our apartment for dinner. I made hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, corn, and Dad made a fruit salad. During dinner we watched the most exciting two minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby. Emily suggested we place some bets, so while I cooked everyone created a pool and picked horses. Jason ended up winning with Mine that Bird, the number 8 horse. It was amazing to watch the race! Jason's horse was dead last at the beginning and pulled through all the other horses to come in first by about 6 lengths.

We had such a great time with everyone! I hope they all come back to visit soon :)


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