Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Melissa's Visit!

I'm so happy that Melissa got to come up for the weekend. We had so much fun and managed to fit a lot into only about a day and a half. Still not sure how we did that.

I picked her up at 8:30pm from the ferry in CT. We got back to the apartment a little late, so she just had a snack and then we all went to bed. On Saturday we went to the aquarium and had a blast.

Right outside the aquarium is a harbor seal exhibit. This seal was just floating around and came right up to the glass to get a closer look at us. Melissa got a closer look too.

We found these turtles and decided to hang out.

This is one of the penguins. This picture actually came out pretty well. I had to zoom in a bit to get up close and personal with this little guy.

This penguin's name is Tom. Melissa named him after they had a moment together. They gazed into each other's eyes. It was really moving.

This little penguin had us watching him for a while. He seems very unsure of himself, but he really wants to take a dip in the water. He's not really the most graceful bird, but he makes it in.

This is Little Blue. I named him. He was pretty much the tiniest fish in this big tank of tropical fish. You can't help but see how much he stands out in front of all that coral.

This is Melissa looking in the big tank. I feel like it almost looks fake, but those are all the fishes swimming around. We saw Myrtle the Giant Sea Turtle too. At first she was sleeping, but then she woke up to rule over her domain. She's bigger than the sharks in the tank! (Side note, Myrtle recently tried to steal food from a shark in this tank. She's giant and has a giant appetite too.)

We found this little guy hanging out on a bench all alone. Melissa gave him some company.

How cool are these masks? Don't even pretend like you're not afraid. We look just like fierce sharks.

Melissa is already planning her next trip up for July when I'm off from work. Hopefully we'll get a little more time together then since I don't have to work!


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