Monday, August 17, 2009

This past weekend Dane and I headed down to PA for the wedding of Leilani and Kevin, two of his college friends from Penn State. We set out after work on Thursday and didn't get to his parents' house until late. I slept until about 11am the next morning. I must have needed it.

On our way to the church, I got a phone call from another one of our friends, Sandie. She and Derek got married back in May and she's a wedding coordinator. She was the day-of coordinator for the happy couple and had a small problem that she needed help with. There were double doors that had to be opened for the bride to walk down the aisle. But, there was only one of her and two doors. Of course I would help. When we got there, I found out that there were a grand total of 54 people that would be walking down the aisle and went into event planning mode, fixing the flower girl baskets, handing out bouquets, keeping the ring bearers from losing their pillows. And of course, opening the doors for the beautiful bride to make her entrance. We had a great time with all the fun Penn Staters at the reception. A few highlights:

We're next in line for our wedding in November!

With Dane's two Best Men. I'm so short compared to them.

The three men getting married this year. Married, married, and ma - oh wait, not yet!

The wedding coordinator and apprentice. Best sychonized door opening, ever.

The next day I went out for a day of shopping with Dane's mom and grandma. They gave me a $50 gift card and took me to a fabric store. Do these women know me, or what? After spending about an hour there getting fabric, we went to a fried chicken place called Speck's. I've been there once before, and let me tell you, it's amazing. Sometimes you just need some amazing fried chicken and mac and cheese. Mmmm.

This lovely establishment was right next door. When we left lunch, Dane's grandmother said "Oh, hmm. What do you think the fleshlight is? We should go check it out." Which lead to Dane's mom and I laughing hysterically. For the record, she was kidding, but it was so funny hearing her say it.

Then Sunday we ventured to NY for the day and spent it with my family. We went in the pool, had a barebeque and spent time with my niece. Look how cute she is! As soon as she got to the house, my sister put her down and she ran over to give me a hug with a big smile on her face. This totally made my day. While she was hugging me she was patting my back, which was adorable because that's what my sister does when she hugs Abby. We spent the day swimming and having fun.

Now back to work on this sweltering Monday. This past weekend has me so excited for our wedding in November. I'm even more motivated to think about all the finishing touches and details. And having the time off to go to Ireland isn't too bad either. So excited !


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