Friday, August 21, 2009

Is chivalry dead?

Last night Dane and I went to Medival Manor here in Boston with our friends. Overall, it was a really fun night. The drinks were flowing, the show was funny, and we had fabulous company.

But the fun started before we even got inside.

On our way in, I parked the car, got out with Dane, started walking down the street. Then I stopped, pulled out my phone and called Sam and Jason to give them a heads up there was free street parking so they didn't park in the lot and pay $10. This guy comes RUNNING, like as fast as a person can go, LEAPS over a puddle, and almost runs into me. I took a step back because I saw his trajectory and knew I was going to get in the middle of it if I wasn't fast enough. So after his jump, he slows down, then backs up. Then he looks at me, while I'm on the phone, and says "I'm sorry, ok?" and I said, "Don't worry about it. I'm fine". Then he says, well yells really, "I LOVE PEOPLE, OK?". Now I'm seeing the irony in that statement. Dane stands between the two of us because he's a protective fiance and doesn't want this people loving man to try and love me. So then, here's the best part, as a sign of his apologies he decides that he's going to play the air guitar for me. Like full on, rocking out on the sidewalk, complete with sound effects, playing the air guitar. He does this for about a minute, then says bye and walks away in his black satin vest.

OK, so that was fun. We get to Medieval Manor, and I never did get a hold of Sam on the phone. She pulls in, and I see her and hop in the car with her to show her where there's parking around the corner. We find a spot, get out of the car, cross the street, and run into.... you guessed it! Black satin vest people loving man! This time he says "You ladies are beautiful." And we look at each other and tell her I have a fun story about this guy (who has obtained a blue shirt which he's now wearing over his satin vest sometime in the five minutes between our encounters). Then he says, "I want to be with you. I want to sleep with you both." Wonderful. And he continues yelling after us as we cross the street and find our friends again.

The rest of the night was fabulous, complete with me having an audience with the king, and Jason being ridiculed the entire night, doing the I'm a little teapot dance on stage, and this crazy drunk girl Katie who was celebrating her birthday and was a little insane. All in all, I'd say a wonderful evening.


brookem said...

sounds like a lot of fun!
and ha, that guy... wow. sounds like a goon, but at least you got a laugh out of it.


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