Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My mom says OMG

I love my mom a ton. I get my weird sense of humor from her, my love of all things nerdy, my need to constantly be in motion and never relax. So some of those things are better than others, but still, my mom and I have some crazy similarities. Oh, and we both love Blue Moon.

There are also ways that we are in no way alike. Like how she can watch Jurassic Park 3 over and over, and the way I'm a shopaholic when she waits for things to go on sale.

For my birthday, my mom bought me this dress. She saw it and decided it was "so Kristen". I have to say, she was right. I love this dress and wore it yesterday on my birthday. Mom was all nervous it wouldn't fit, and I told her when I wore it I'd send her a picture. So I did. And this is the email that I got back.

"OMG! You look amazing. That dress is so you...Who's your favorite Mom? Love you."

She's obviously my favorite mom. I'm just wondering where she learned OMG from. Gotta love how your mom always thinks you're the most beautiful, talented person on earth.

At least she hasn't figured out how to text message yet.

Love you mom!

*Update* I've been asked to show the dress in question. So here it is! And when I asked her if she learned OMG from Hannah Montana, her response was "No I learned it from Janice on Friends, it's the only abbreviation I know." Have to love her.


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