Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun Conversations with Family and Friends

I love getting emails from my mom. We email back and forth all the time, and she loves it. My mom is not very tech savvy, so I think besides the fact that she can communicate with me this way, she feels very accomplished when she sends and recieves an email. I get the best messages from her. Today she forwards me a page from with the definition of the word "tchotchke". This is the message she attached.

"I just love how you spell this. It’s right up there with bibelot. Well, actually I like how tchotchke is spelled but I like the meaning of bibelot. The spelling of bibelot is just ok."

I agree mom, the spelling of bibelot has nothing on the spelling of tchotchke.

Now for fun with Dane. He want to PA last weekend to celebrate the first birthday of his adorable nephew. I called him on Saturday, after he had been hanging out with munchkin all day.

Me: How JBear doing? He's probably already talking, walking, and dating. I bet he's breaking some hearts.

Dane: Yea, he likes the ladies. He's had to let a few go already.

Me: Oh, really? Who was the most recent?

Dane: Jennifer Aniston.

No words after that. I just cracked up. It's all in the delivery. He can just say things so seriously that it almost makes me believe him for about .5 seconds.

Then the other day I had a conversation with my life and business partner, Sam. We're working on getting another giveaway up on a blog that I love. I mentioned something about freebies, because really, doesn't everyone love a good freebie? But then I misspelled it, and the conversation about freebits was born.

Samantha: freebit is more fun to say

me: i wonder if a freebit is like a hobbit, except smaller and cuter, aww, i love freebits

Samantha: yes! me too!

Samantha: even though I just found out they exist, I love freebits too

Only we could get legitimately excited over a made up word that we've decided is an actual thing that is cute and friendly. This is why we're kindred spirits.


On another note, I am SO excited to venture back to NY this weekend for my bridal shower hosted by my sisters and maids of honor. They have been putting so much work into this day for me, it's unbelieveable and I am so thankful. I bought a fabulous new dress and am just counting down the seconds until I get to hop in the car and drive down. I'm going to need some serious playtime with Miss Abigail who is now talking up a storm and running everywhere. Can't wait!

And fall is finally here (even though it's kind of hot today) which makes me beyond happy. Here's to pumpkin ale, apple picking, and the first sweater day of the year!


Samantha said...

I LOVE this post. "Jennifer Aniston" = typical and priceless Dane. :-)

Also, I love freebits even more now, since you blogged about them. :-D

Love to my KS from Central Time!

brookem said...

have a wonderful shower this weekend!! :)
(ps you reminded me i owe you an email!)

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