Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I learned in Safe Driver Training

I just finished part two of my Safe Driver Training course at work. Hopefully this will get me a discount on my insurance and I learned some fun facts. Most of the things I'm taking away from this course are probably not what the instructor intended. He had the personality of a brick, and was not exciting to listen to at all. Here is the knowledge I've gleaned from 4 hours of training:

  • You will probably die while driving. I saw enough videos about accidents to fill the rest of my life.
  • Here are some ways you might die while driving: a rock will hit your windshield and knock you unconscious, an aggressive driver will run you off the road, you or someone else will fall asleep at the wheel, a deer will run into your car (it was made very clear to us that if this ever happens you should tell your insurance company that the deer hit YOU, not the other way around), drag racers will run you over, loud music will make you feel aggressive and therefore more likely to get into an accident, your engine will ignite into flames and unless you have a fire extinguisher you're screwed, and if you drive a small car you will be crushed.
  • The yellow light in between green and red now signifies for drivers to slow down. It was originally put into place to help people who are colorblind see the difference between red and green. I find this fascinating
  • A wheelbarrow is a level 2 lever. He actually mentioned this to us, I still don't understand why.
  • If the instructor could have his dream job it would be one of two things: the guy at a construction site that picks up the orange cones OR the night watchman at a was museum. Weird.
  • If you pull into a parking lot and the space in front of you is open, you should pull up. This is apparently good because then you just have to drive forward in one motion to leave the space, instead of two motions to back up, then drive forward. After telling us this, my boss was asked to tell the group if he'd been in any accidents. He got into a car accident pulling straight out of a parking spot.

I bet you are totally jealous that you didn't get to come to this training session. As you should be.


Susan said...

In one week my windshield got three cracks in it from random stones that flew up from the road. I am lucky to be here.

Kristen said...

I have to say, though the instructor was not very engaging we learned some good things. After my accident a few weeks ago, I find myself thinking about some of the things he we talked about in training.

My windshield's only been hit by a rock once, which caused it to need to be replaced. It's really scary when you see something flying at you like that.

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