Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thank You's

I'm feeling I have a lot to be thankful for lately. So here it goes.

Thank you nice lady at Joann's this morning that let me pay for my purchases in two separate transactions just so I could use two 40% off coupons. Thank you even more for even having that idea.

Thank you Jason and Sam for coming to work with me last night and finally getting to see my little world where I spend so much time. Hope you had fun!

Thank you TruTV for playing a Cops marathon tonight. Stupid criminals make me laugh.

Thank you to my friends who are sending back their RSVP cards to our wedding with the funniest comments on them. Not only is it fun to get them in the mail, I really look forward to seeing what people are writing to us!

Thank you whoever tried on dresses before me today in Macy's for leaving the perfect dress in my size in the room I chose to enter. It fit perfectly, was on sale for $34.50, and was originally $90. Score. I now have a dress to wear next weekend.

Thank you to my sisters for planning my bridal shower. I cannot wait to see everyone next weekend!

Thank you to my cupcake scented candle for making my apartment smell delicious.

Thank you Sam Adams, for creating Octoberfest.

Thank you my new found relatives in Ireland, for taking us in and letting us stay with you in November for our honeymoon!

Thank you Dane, for taking on the wedding planning while I've been at work late almost every night.

Thank you Cheesecake Factory, for having the most delicious Lemon Raspberry cheesecake.

There are probably a million more thank you's I'm missing.

Thank you all for reading this.


Samantha said...

You are so welcome dear! We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed getting to see where you spend so much time! :-)

It sounds like you had a good weekend... I can't wait to see your new dress on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

i had a super funny post-it on my rsvp but then soph stole it. literally, there are teeth marks. i can still give it to you, i mean, if you want. haha. i wish i could be there this weekend! we'll have a birthday/wedding shower evening soon. xoxo

brookem said...

aw, you're too cute!

Brandy Rose said...

Its so much better to have things to be thankful for than to complain about.

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