Monday, January 5, 2009

What's a Kissing Menu?

Well ladies and gents, I've gotten quite a few questions about what on earth a kissing menu is. I first saw the idea on Style Me Pretty, a wedding blog. Everyone has been to a wedding where the guests clink their glasses as a signal for the bride and groom to kiss. This is usually cute the first few times, but after people have a few drinks in them the clinking doesn't seem to stop. As an alternative to this, a kissing menu will be placed on each table with a list of options that guests can choose from if they would like to see Dane and I kiss at the reception. It can really be whatever you want. This one came from Style Me Pretty's featured wedding of Paloma and Scott:

To request a kiss between Paloma & Scott, A clink of a glass is simply a not. We have a list from which to choose, (for which you may need a little booze).

The Serenade – Sing a song with “LOVE” in the lyrics.
The Brave – Group performance of either the Chicken Dance or the dance from “Thriller.”
The Patriotic - Sing either Paloma or Scott’s country’s national anthem.
The Irish Blessing – Recite a limerick about love.
The Historic – Six and some years ago, Paloma and Scott’s romance began at a small island restaurant. Channel your inner Tony Snell or other Last Resort performers by singing one of their songs.

Here's another one from WeddingBee and the wedding of Alexandra and Jeremy:

The Pomegranate’s Kissing Menu
The better the performance, the longer the kiss!

The Irish Blessing - Recite a limerick regarding love.
The French Toast - Share some time-honored marriage advice.
The Kiss Me Kate - Serenade the bride and groom with a song - preferably song and dance - of your choice.
The Embarrassed Embrace - Share a funny story involving both you and either the bride or groom.

I know we will have a big and fun group of people who will fully take advantage of whatever choices we offer!


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