Monday, July 27, 2009

Girlfriend's Guide to Gaming

I cannot thing of a better way to have spent my Saturday evening than with these lovely ladies and Nintendo. Brand About Town sponsored this event (which was held at 60 State Street. seriously.) and featured food, wine, and the Nintendo DSi. In my happy place here.

I was greeted by the host, Julie, and then was off to play some games! I learned a bit about the DSi, then stopped by each of the four stations to try a different game. Still can't decide which was my favorite. They were all fun! Not to mention that I got to meet some awesome people, all bloggers and twitterers (not a word, I made it up just now).

Me and Becca Jane.

All the ladies at the event.

Best part, if it's possible for it to get any better, is that we all left with a free DSi, the new MarioKart game, AND a Nintendo charm bracelet. Hooray for bloggers!


mylittlebecky said...

oo! looks like so much fun! i need to be invited to a ds party! :)

ps hello! :)

brookem said...

hi there! just found your blog through fb! so nice to meet you on saturday! im going to check out your shop now... i love the little blackberry/phone covers!

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