Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

I feel like I had a really busy weekend. Here's a recap in list form (thank you Corinne for sharing your writing style with me).

Up early
Sewing, sewing, sewing
Cute blue and white bag
Scared by Dane when he came home early from work
Sam, Jason, and Ben come over
P.F. Chang's for dinner with awesome waitress Liz
Pour House
Beer the size of my head
Soco LimeSnails on the sidewalk (in JP? Yes, apparently)

Wake up at 11am (yikes!)
Lunch with the Torchies and Megan (who's having a baby!)
Sam and Jason's place
Fettuccine Alfredo (my delicious recipe)
Drive back to Boston
More traffic
Get ready for Girlfriend's Guide to Gaming party
Orange Line
Nintendo DSi's and white wine (Perfect.)
Free Nintendo DSi's!
Meet some of my blogging heroes from (Susie and Chelsee, both lovely and oh so talented!)6B Lounge for martinis (where we also tried on our Nintendo charm bracelets)Orange line revisited

Wake up
Brunch at Fire and Ice with Dane
Newbury Street
David Spade and Colin Quinn walk by
Bead Works (which I was honestly more excited for than seeing the celebrities)
Home to plan our IKEA trip
Traffic, a ton of it
Frozen yogurt, couch shopping, fabric shopping, swedish meatballs, and overall happiness
Home where we're met by Nino and Ben
Old couch out, new couch in and assembled
Swedish meatballs for dinner (Yum!)
V for Vendetta

That brings me up to speed to where I am right now. I'll have more pics up from the Nintendo Girlfriend's Guide to Gaming party soon! Such a blast. Thanks to the wonderful host, Julie! Go see her over at


Samantha said...

Love this post! You certainly did have a busy weekend! I had totally forgotten about the snails... That was great taking pics of them though!

Ok, so I had to come to your blog to post this comment... Let me just say, I LOVE your new blog header! When did you do that? Love love love it! :-)

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