Monday, July 6, 2009

Sifting sand

My mom decided we needed centerpieces for the engagement party this past Saturday. So she bought some cute little heart shaped glass bowls and we filled them with sand, seashells, and a pillar candle in the middle. They came out really adorable.

The only issue with this is that we needed to get sand. Since we are on an island, this doesn't seem like it would be a big deal. We headed down to the East Islip Marina, and we couldn't get in because I'm not longer a resident of Islip. Then we went to the Connetquot River, which was really more dirt than sand. The only other place we could think of without driving to the ocean beaches was a playground nearby. We got our sand by sifting it through a colander to get all the bigger rocks out, and it definitely took longer than we expected. After getting all we needed we treated ourselves to some time on the playground.

Yup, that's a coffee can. First we tried just letting the sand fall through on its own. That didn't work. Then we tried shaking it. That didn't work either. I ended up having to swish it around with my hands and that went much faster.

Dane found a teeny shovel and used it to pick the best sand for me to sift. We kept the shovel to give it a good home.

Melissa lost interest quickly in sifting. She started working on burying my leg.

And she definitely made a mountain. I almost couldn't get my foot out when it was time to get up.

Melissa jumped up to play on the bridge. We're both small enough to still fit on most of the things on the playground. The only thing that didn't work for me was the monkey bars. Those really hurt your hands! I remember it used to be my favorite thing growing up, but not now.

Dane and I took some time on the swings together too. Aren't we just adorable? All this for some sand :)


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