Friday, July 31, 2009

My Birthday Month!

I realize that technically it's the last day of July, but that means tomorrow is August so I figured I'd get a jump start. My birthday is at the end of August, the 25th to be exact. And in honor of that, I am going to post a list of things I've been lusting after. Anyone who feels like buying me a birthday present, here is the perfect list!

1. These red heels. I don't know what it is about them. They're retro, but sassy. I could totally wear these going out or to work. I'm a size 6, in case anyone is wondering.

2. These rings from Bellabejewled on Etsy. I love the way they look all stacked together and that they are made from beach glass. I'd want the lime green, cornflower blue, and soft white stones. This is the set of three, which is perfect because for stacking rings you obviously need more than one.

3. This fabric. Just think of it. The options are endless for what I could do with this fabric. This is the love-of-my-life fabric, as I've been referring to it. It's out of stock now, but should be back soon. Hopefully that will be going into Sam's order for me! I'll splurge for it.

4. Anything from this shop on Etsy. I LOVE to cook. Every chef needs an adorable apron. Well at least this chef does! Every one of these is beautiful, but I think my favorites are this one, that one, and this.

5. A puppy. But that won't happen for a while.

6. A Mario game for my new DSi! Have to go with a classic.

7. This green Red Sox hat with a shamrock on it. Part of my birthday present is a Red Sox game the day after my birthday. Right now I have no Red Sox apparel, so I need to get some!

8. A ruler like this one for sewing. It would make my life and drawing straight lines so much easier while I'm trying to measure pieces for sewing project. Being able to see through it would especially be amazing. That way I could see where I've marked fabric for cutting.

9. While we're on the subject of sewing, I really want pinking sheers. Silly, but true. They cut zig-zags and look awesome to finish off a project.

10. Pretty much every print from this artist (azuzephre - aka Jeff Thomas). He draws Pon and Zi, two little creatures who are terribly in love. Somehow I feel like he captures emotion in a way that is so easy to relate to and comforting.

So there you are. A ready made list of everything I'm currently wishing for. You are welcome.


brookem said...

i LOVE that fabric! let me know when it's in, and i'd love to buy something from you with that print!

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