Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kristen and Dane are engaged!

That's right everyone! This weekend Dane proposed and we are officially engaged. My mom and sister were both here for the weekend, so they got to be here with us for the proposal and to celebrate.

It wasn't easy for Dane to actually get me where he wanted to propose. We were all getting ready to go to Salem for the day. Dane wanted to propose in the park near our house and wanted everyone to be there. Emily's role was to try to get me to walk to the park with her, Ben, Dane, Leslie, my mom, my sister and Mia. I didn't understand why we needed 7 people to walk the dog (my first hint that something was up). I told Emily not to worry about waiting for us, that she should just go walk Mia. But she really insisted that we all come. Even though my car was the opposite direction from the park, and in my mind we were headed to Salem. Anyway, we got to the park and I picked up some sticks for Mia to chase. When I turned around Dane was down on one knee. At this point I just rolled my eyes and told him to get up because he had been joking around with me all week and trying to keep me guessing. I thought he was just messing around again. But no, this was for real! It exactly what I would have wanted, if I had gotten to pick. Just some of my friends and my family around.

Here's right before he took the ring out.

Wait for it....

There it is!

So happy!

Love him!

Here are some close ups of the ring. I'm sure some of you want to see it! I don't even think these do it justice. It's absolutely perfect!

Can't wait to celebrate with everyone! And no we haven't set a date yet, even though we've gotten that question a bunch already. It's only been 24 hours! We're enjoying ourselves and are happy to be together :)


Allison said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you! The ring looks beautiful, so glad mom got to be there! CAn't wait to congratulate you in person!!!

Samantha said...

Congrats again Kristen (and Dane!) We are SO happy for you! The ring is so beautiful! :-)

Dorise said...

As already noted on facebook - WOOHOO! We'll have to celebrate soon!

Shelby said...

Kristen! Lady! I'm sending all of my best to you and Dane...I was most certainly not surprised at the news but completely happy for you both : ) Love, Shelby

Anonymous said...

wow, that was sweet! thanks for giving me the link to this post... been looking for this one since yesterday.

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