Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Festival

This weekend was CRAZY for me! Family, Friends, and Alumni Weekend at work meant working Friday night, all day Saturday and the morning/afternoon on Sunday. Luckily I have Dane and my roommates to keep me sane, and they made sure I got to sneak some fun into the weekend too.

On Saturday we went to the Life is Good Pumpkin Festival in City Hall Plaza which benefits Campus Sunshine. It was really awesome to see all the pumpkins lit up at night!

Here's a gigantic tower of lit up pumpkins.
Some of the many designs.
One of my favorite pumpkins <3
More pumpkins...
I tried to be like the pumpkins. I'm the wrong color though.

We went to dinner at The Alchemist in JP on Sunday after I napped. Sunday was River Day at work. I raced in a giant old war canoe down the Charles River with some students and my boss. It was a blast, but I ended up getting soaking wet and had to stand out in the cold for a few hours. We won our first race, but lost in the second round. My boss and I are extremely competitive so that was not an easy loss for us. The team that won was amazing! They were a family from NH. Congrats to them! They definitely deserved the win.

I'm looking forward to this weekend! My mom and sister Melissa are coming up on Thursday. Just have to get through the next two days at work then I get some time with them :)


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