Monday, October 13, 2008


We carved pumpkins! We all sat on the kitchen floor, while Mia walked around us confused and eating any pieces of pumpkin that fell, scooped out the seeds and got to work. They came out great!
And here they are all done! Dane made a little family of the pumpkins outside on our deck. Aren't they just one big happy family? (From left to right: Ben's pumpkin (he was going for a Sarah Palin inspired pumpkin with the wink), Emily's pumpkin, fake pumpkins, my pumpkin, and Dane's pumpkin)

And now for some light up action and close ups.

Ben's pumpkin
Emily's pumpkin
My pumpkin

Dane's pumpkin
The Halloween fun will continue... At least if Dane has anything to do with it!


Samantha said...

Dane's pumpkin's eyes are CREEPY! Not as creepy as the bunny, but still. And, if Ben's pumpkin had Sarah Palin's accent it would be much more creepy than Dane's. :-)

Anthony said...

I wish i was there for pumpkin fest. I <3 camp sunshine and I <3 you!

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