Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Ode to Step Brothers

I really loved this movie, and since my partner in crime Nino just saw the movie recently since he is in Australia I figured I should share some of my favorite moments.

Brennan: Did we just become best friends?
Dale: YUP!
Brennan: Do you want to go do karate in the garage?
Dale: YUP!

Dale: Can we make our beds into bunk beds?
Brennan: It'll give us so much extra space in our room to do activities.
Robert: You're adults, you can do what you want.
Dale: This is the funnest night ever!

Brennan: How is that even a skill?

Dale: What are you doing?
Brennan: I'm burying you.
Dale: But I'm alive!
Brennan: Shut up! You're waking the neighbors!

Dale: Your voice is like Fergie meets Jesus.

Dale: Did you touch my drumset?
Brennan: Nope.
Dale: Why are you so sweaty?
Brennan: I was watching Cops.

Dale: [whispers] Hey, are you awake?
Brennan: [whispers] Yeah.
Dale: [whispers] I hate your guts.

I feel like I could go on forever. This movie was, in my opinion, Will Ferrell's best movie since Anchorman. I also heard that a sequel to Anchorman is in the making. I don't know if they could ever match the hilariousness from the first one, but we'll see.


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