Friday, October 31, 2008

Wedding Ideas

Dane and I have been going through websites and blogs and found a few things I think we're going to try to do for our wedding. We're thinking next fall, so we'll be visiting places in NY when we are home for Thanksgiving and see if anything feels right to us.

I'm not huge on flowers for centerpieces. I think it's kind of a waste to get these beautiful arrangements that will just die in a few days. Not to mention how much they can cost. We really like this idea that I found. It's just a nice glass pedastal with fall things in it. Maybe mini pumpkins, leaves, berries, some apples?

Our good friend Scott also is helping us out with invitations and the rest of our printed materials. He is amazing. He "threw this together" with some of his initial ideas. I love how he can just put something together like this. It's beautiful! I'm sure this won't be the final draft, but it won't need much tweeking. The font our names are in won't be the one he uses. He hasn't gotten the font he wants yet. So picky :)

Today my roommate, Emily, will be doing an engagement photo shoot for us in the park where we got engaged. I love how talented our friends are. Graphic designers, photographers, scrapbookers, it doesn't get much better. It means so much to us that people want to be involved in our wedding!


sch1185 said...

Hm, ok so the orange font is just a place holder. It won't look anything like that! haha As for the centerpieces, I think papayas would be nice.

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