Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday means it's Grey's Night!

I'm exhausted today. I barely slept last night and when I woke up at6:45am it was still dark outside. That does not help me wake up at all. Here's what my day has been so far:

6:45am - Get up, hit the snooze button
6:51am - Get up turn off the alarm before it goes off again
7:51am - Head out the door for work after discovering Mia had removed the bandage on her leg (again)
8:33am - Pull into the parking garage at work and park
8:37am - See I have 26 emails in my inbox. Decide to make a cup of tea because I know I'm going to need it.
8:48am - Sit down at my desk again after talking with my co-worker for a bit. Work my tail off on the presentation I'm giving at 4pm.
10:32am - Jenny (my co-worker) calls me. The guest lecturer we have on campus today would like two bottles of water. Can I pick them up on my way over to the event. Sure.
10:37am - Jenny calls me. She also wants tea. What kind? English Breakfast or Earl Grey. What size? Large. Does she want milk? Only if you get Earl Grey.
10:46am - About to walk downstairs to get water and tea when the rep from the yearbook company I work with stops in to chat and bring me some tea of my own (for which I am extremely grateful).
10:58am - Uh-oh I have to go get the tea and water and be at the event in two minutes. Run downstairs. Get water. Get tea. Forgot our account code. Will go back later.
11:03am - Trip on my walk over to the event, spilled some tea, oops.
11:05am - Arrive and give tea to the lecturer. Now taking some time to sit. Count people as they come into the event until 1pm.
1:08pm - Arrive back in the office. I should really eat some food, I'm so hungry. 13 more emails in my inbox after the 26 I answered this morning.
1:35pm - I'm REALLY hungry. I'm going to go make the Mac and Cheese I got from Trader Joe's.
1:36pm - Student drop in with questions.
1:47pm - I'm seriously going to eat now.
1:48pm - Student drop in.
2:05pm - Frantic email about flyers for Alcohol Awareness week. I have to answer it. Messed up a flyer and have to fix it.
2:35pm - SERIOUSLY. I'm stopping everything and eating.
2:43pm - Wow that was really good, I ate it fast.
3:02pm - I messed up the flyer again. Wrong place. Fix it. Send it back. Print out new ones to post.
3:17pm - I messed it up still. Didn't put the date. Where is my head at today?
3:28pm - Fix it for the last time. Throw out the wrong posters. Print the new ones.
3:53pm - Leave the office for presentation I'm giving on Budgeting and Funding for student organizations.
4:44pm - Finish up early. Student talks with me. And talks. And talks.
5:12pm - Finally get back to the office.
5:34pm - Finishing this post and going to meet with the new Ski and Snowboard Club.

After I leave I'm going to a reception for the Children's Art Center where Emily works. It's their 35th anniversary and I'm fond of them after working with Arts in the Park this summer.

Then I can go home and watch Grey's Anatomy. Happy land.


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