Monday, October 13, 2008

Stone Zoo

Yesterday we got to go to the Stone Zoo with Jason and Sam. It feels like we hardly ever get to see them, we all get so busy! We were so happy to finally make some time to spend with them for the day. Same and Jason had never been to this zoo, unlike Dane and I, who have now been there three times in less than a year. We saw fun animals, and meerkats!

This guy was all backwards looking while he kind of slept on one foot. He woke up to look at us as we walked by.
We found these other animals too. Well, Sam and I actually brought them into the zoo ourselves. Here they are with totem pole of some sort.

Now this duck wasn't actually part of any zoo exhibit, but he was so cute! We watched him as he was swimming upstream and dunking his head into the water.

We watched the cougars for a long time trying to get the perfect picture. This was about the best I could do with the flash from my camera on the glass. Not too bad though.

Here are the boys again. In all their beast-like glory. Dane looks particularly fierce in this picture.

When we got home from the zoo, Dane and I made a delicious dinner and we decorated the apartment for Halloween. Dane loves all the scary stuff for Halloween. And the best part was that Sam and I decided on an arts and craft project to do together. I can't wait to pick a date and hang out again!


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